​​​​​          Biography         


Toño Busqueta (Mexico City)

I´m a mechatronic engineer, filmmaker and photographer. My photo projects spans urban lightning, photojournalism, architecture, nature and travel photography. My work has been shown in different countries such as: England, Germany, Italy, U.S.A., Spain, France and Mexico.

I´m currently studying the course in professional photography at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).

In 2014 I started the project “lightning hunter” which consists in creating single shots of lightning strikes as close as possible with representative buildings or monuments of Mexico City.

I was selected as the best lightning photographer of the Canon Challenge “Lightning” in 2015; ranked 18° at the Urban Photo Awards and Nominee at the Fine Art Photography Awards with “Lightning Hunter”in 2016.

I was finalist with the portfolio “Mexican Cementery” for the More than 43 contest in 2016 and second place with the photograph “Light of Hope” for the Primavera Yo Soy 132 contest in 2012.

From 2010 to 2013 I worked as an independent filmmaker; I co-produced and co-directed two short films and a music video.

"I´ve always been amazed by nature; I believe true wisdom comes from there and for humanity is difficult to accept that we will never be as wise as it is."

"I believe respect is the key for a better world, where all the contrasts and differences between people, animals and things make the world rich and amazing, a place beyond our understanding, but with everything we need to keep learning and growing as one…"