For centuries, ancient cultures believed they were a sign of the ire of god; some others, that they were the manifestation of a deity. Today, we are still amazed and afraid of their power and cannot yet fully understand their nature. Lightning strikes are dangerous, powerful, but yet beautiful. Their unique forms (Lichtenberg Figures), their light that can transform night into daylight for an instant, their energy that can heat the air around it up to 30,000°C (five times hotter than the surface of the sun) and this abrupt change in temperature is what produces that intense blast that makes everything resound and we all know as thunder.

There are many types of lightning, depending of which one and where it strikes, it can be deadly…

I make high risk photographs (single shots) of Mexico City landmarks with lightning within a mile. There´s no patience, to capture lightning where you want, you must move fast, you must hunt them down. I am not looking for the “perfect esthetics” but to show the magnitude and beauty of lightning in a known context in which people feels identified, I want them to reflect about their size compared to ours, I want nature to complement my photos with something out of my control, something that for me represents ideally the perfect chaos of the universe…

Lightning or people, we are both energy that manifests in different ways

​Lightning Hunter