​​  Espérame ​

​                (Wait for me)2013

​For many years we were warned about the consequences of polluting water. In time, pollution became so severe that purifying it is now impossible and there´s almost no clean water left. Life in the world disappears, it is not easy to face a world where no longer crying is possible...

In a world where kites are born free and clouds are made of popcorn... Papalotl follows a butterfly, when suddenly something stops his flight. This incident motivates him to discover what is stopping him from flying further...

"Wait for me" - music video for the 3rd single from Camino of MINK.

In memory of:

Don Mario Villagrán, Rodrigo Sánchez and Samuel Mendoza Alvear.

Papalotl, 2010

Sed de Vida

            (Thirst of Life), 2011