Photographic Manifesto

(Photography VS Manipulated Images)

I make a call to all true photographers around the world, who wish to stand on behalf of photography, separate it from other visual arts and create an international community in charge of certifying real photography.

Photography means “drawing with light” not “drawing with software”, it is the process of creating pictures by the action of radiant energy or light on a sensitive surface such as film, an optical sensor or similar. Misunderstanding this important concept is what´s killing photography in the XXI´s century.

There is a big debate regarding what IS and what IS NOT photography, I believe it is very simple:

  • If elements are added, removed or manipulated by software or any other method, then it is no longer photography.

  • If elements remain untouched, and edition only plays with light or size (contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, crop, dodge, burn, filters, etc…), then it is photography.

It doesn´t matter if you used a cellphone, a camera, film or any other instrument, because you are still “drawing only with light”.

Mi postura particular como fotógrafo, consiste en utilizar la fotografía como herramienta para documentar instantes únicos e inesperados de la realidad sin recurrir a técnicas de manipulación fotográfica, pues considero que distorsionan la visión de nuestro entorno e identidad.

Me dedico a fotografiar lo espontáneo, eso que sólo tienes una oportunidad para captar y pienso que es justo ese instante lo que le da valor a la fotografía. Disfruto el no tener control total sobre los elementos que componen mi trabajo y así conservar un toque humano. Pienso que el valor de la fotografía proviene del momento que se captura y no de una estética plástica y compulsivamente “perfecta” ilustrada en software.  

A través del “Manifestó Fotográfico” busco defender el fundamento original de la fotografía. Quiero unir a todos los fotógrafos del mundo que comparten la misma idea sobre la disciplina que practicamos y separarla de la imagen, de la manipulación y del diseño gráfico. Que se certifique y se defina la técnica utilizada por cada autor para devolver su valor a la fotografía, la cual va más allá del resultado final de una imagen procesada y es justo la luz que se captura desde un inicio lo que tiene esa conexión con la realidad, con lo espontáneo e inesperado, aquello que está ligado con el espacio/tiempo de nuestra historia. 

“The problem with fake photographers is that even thought their images have new elements added digitally by software, they enjoy being call photographers to raise their ego of “capturing” something so amazing that is obviously unreal.”

“People have not enough with reality, so they feel uncomfortable with their appearance and with everything that surrounds them, because they stopped feeling and connecting with their environment.”

“In terms of photo and technology, we are now at the point where computer ability is that which defines talent in photography, not the ability as a photographer connected with the surroundings"

“Photographs matter because they freeze moments of our lives which pass unremarkably and which seem to have little importance to us at the time. The significance, however, may be for others who search for the person we once were or the places we once knew. They can be small pieces of a jigsaw that complete the larger picture of our lives.”

Mission Statement