​​​​​​​​ Antonio Busqueta

Urban Lightning & people Photographer

​​  Espérame ​

​                  (Wait for me), 2013

​For many years we were warned about the consequences of polluting water. In time, pollution became so severe that purifying it is now impossible, there is almost no clean water left and life in the world disappears. It is not easy to face a world where crying is no longer possible...

In a world where kites are born free and clouds are made of popcorn... Papalotl follows a butterfly, when suddenly something stops his flight. This incident motivates him to discover what is stopping him from flying further...

Music video for the 3rd single from the album Camino of MINK.

* In memory of:

Don Mario Villagrán, Rodrigo Sánchez and Samuel Mendoza Alvear.

Papalotl, 2010

Sed de Vida

            (Thirst of Life), 2011